Angelos Panagiotopoulos

Software Engineer
Accenture UK

About me

Hello, I am Angelos, an Application Development Associate Manager at Accenture UK.

Favourite languages/tools for software development?

Mainly Python and Go for backend development and React/TypeScript/JavaScript/Next.js for frontend development. This blog is using Next.js with a starter blog template and Vercel for automating its deployment.

If I had to pick my favourite, that would be Python. Amazingly readable and powerful syntax with a rich ecosystem of libraries encompassing web development, machine learning, data science and desktop development.

Other interests?

I love listening to heavy metal and playing electric guitar, reading science-fiction and fantasy books, PC gaming and especially RPGs, exercising/running.


AWS Certified Developer Associate badge
GCP Certified Cloud Engineer Associate badge
Databricks Lakehouse Fundamentals badge